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Briefly: I’m just an American who loves his country, but who’s had enough with what ain’t right and is trying to figure out how to say “when.”  I am a Capitalist. I believe it is not money that corrupts, but power – and that power can be a result of governmental control just as easily as it can from money. I am NOT anti-government; I actually love government – just in small doses.  I believe the bigger the government, the smaller the individual’s liberty.  I believe the Constitution is NOT outdated, and the enforcement of its principles is the reason our country has accomplished so much so quickly. Conversely, trashing the Constitution will be the downfall of our country.  This blog is mainly about these concepts, with some broad-spectrum ranting and raving peppered in, as well.

Anyone with any views whatsoever is welcome to post their comments here – in fact, use any of the topics at the top of this web page to share your own inner-most thoughts and dreams (or, your sarcasm and satire as a substitute in case your dreams have withered and died from neglect). The only rule is “keep the discussion respectful.”  I’m going to follow that rule, I expect everyone else to do the same.  This is a discussion forum, not a “yo’ mamma so fat” contest. If that’s what you’re looking for, The Huffington Post is fertile grounds for that sort of thing.

Thanks for taking a look.



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